These are a few things I have been working on, just for fun. They are not to be taken too seriously.


Mandelbrot sets You can find here an interactive Mathematica 8.0 file to generate Julia sets from the Mandelbrot set. It is not optimized for the display as the goal was only to get a better understanding of what it was. In Mathematica, just click on any point of the Mandelbrot set to generate its corresponding Julia set, as illustrated on the images.

Convective acceleration You will find here (in French...) a attempt to give an interpretation to the well-known decomposition of convective acceleration formula. The corresponding Mathematica file, without comments, can be downloaded here.

Swell modeling This a an attempt to create swell from a superposition of several extruded trochoids with different directions and "wavelength"... unfortunately it was not very successful, mainly because the result is too regular.

Keystroke biometrics I made a keystroke biometric tool for identification by typing a given sentence. The repository is available here. The identification requires a learning phase. The results are pretty acurate if the latter is done seriously. The program was able to identify correctly on 7 persons.


Art and dynamics Dynamic systems can lead to very nice animations in the phase plane. Below is an illustration for an oscillating mass (pendulum) linked to the ground with a spring.

phase plot dynamics art science